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New Book News! + Life Update

Oof, it's been a minute since I updated this blog, but the timing seems about right -- early 2019, a global pandemic, and having a new baby can keep one from participating in the world/any creative endeavours, that's for sure.

BUT! Now that the official announcement has gone out to the respectable outlets, I'm so excited to share the next phase of my author journey with you:

In a thrilling turn, my beloved publisher ECW Press LTD. isn't tired of working with me yet (lol), and we've inked a 5-book deal together beginning with The Stars of Mount Quixx, coming April, 2023. The series, titled The Brindlwatch Quintet, is young adult fantasy taking place in an entirely-contrived world called Brindlewatch, a 1940s-equivalent engaged in a Great War, where monsters, magic, and the folks who love and protect them, are very real.

It's a lot lighter, more cheerful, and romantic than Realms of Ancient, and each book will be semi-connected, with recurring character but focusing on a new set during each instalment. They'll also contain illustrations of my own devising--the style, and amount, though, are yet to be determined.

Below is a bit of an 'excerpt' for y'all to enjoy! The second book is underway, and I can't wait to share it all with you--and to get back to The Writer Life amidst the chaos of baby-raising.




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