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Sask Expo Wrap + 2018 Alberta Events!

Hiyo from the road!

Since September 14, GMB Chomichuk, Justin Currie & I hit the road from Winnipeg and drove up to Saskatoon, a gorgeous city that I've never been to before! We came here for the Saskatoon Expo, where we all tabled and sold our wares, alongside several fabulous Winnipeg contemporaries. It was a wonderful show, and truly felt like home, allowing me to reconnect with so many folks who I don't get a chance to see save for certain shows. I met some incredible people this year, including new readers, swooned in the local McNally, and even hit up the supremely impressive comic shop Amazing Stories. It was also the very exciting moment where I got to hold Children of the Bloodlands for the VERY FIRST TIME, AHHHHH.

Also, I've got some news for you, Alberta! We are heading to Edmonton ASAP for Edmonton Entertainment Expo, where I am a Pro Guest (oo, ahh!) Here's where you can find me from September 21 - 23:

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. You can find Justin, Gregory and I at Audrey's Books on Thursday, September 20 at 11 AM for a whirlwind signing event!

And not to leave out Calgary, but I'll be back in the province in November to launch Children of the Bloodlands at Owl's Nest Books!

This has been a truly bonkers tour and it's only just begun. Hope I see you at some of these events, my friends!



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