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S.M. Beiko is Creating Comics on Patreon!

"But Sam," I hear some of you say, "don't you write BOOKS?

Well, friends, it seems that now I write both books AND comics! I also draw this particular comic. And lay it out. Letter it. Colour it. Shade it. Get it printed. Hand-distribute it...

The comic is called Krampus is My Boyfriend! and it's been a fabulous labour of love for the past 3 months. But I'd like to do it...forever??

Which is why I am turning to the wonderful platform of Patreon to help make creating this comic a full-time endeavour! I have big plans and big goals, and if you help me in this crazy quest, you get to benefit, too.


But rather than have you read a litany, here's a handy video explaining WHY I'm using Patreon, what I'm doing with it, and what we can all get out of it!

Thanks for watching, and for supporting me if you're so inclined! Click the button below to go directly to my Patreon page and see all my goals and tiers, or visit

Absolutely no pressure! You can support me in other ways--taking my books out of the library, sharing them with your friends and family, getting the eBooks, ordering them from your indie. All in all, thank you and I couldn't do any of this without you!


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