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Book & Graphic Novel Editorial and Consulting Services for Hire


LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Book now to secure a 2024 spot.


In addition to writing books, I also help to make them.


I have worked in the book publishing industry since 2010, having worked with countless individual authors self-publishing, preparing to publish, pitching to publishers, as well as publishing houses in both Canada and the U.S..

I have written 14 novels and four graphic novels, as well as curated 2 original comics anthologies. I specialize in fantasy, sci fi, horror, and mystery for the adult markets, as well as the young adult market.


With fourteen years of writing and publishing experience , I would love to help you with your next project!

Editorial Services

My editorial expertise include, but are not limited to:


  • Substantive line editing for novels and short fiction collections

  • Full scale pitch-to-final-print graphic novel and comic editorial guidance

  • Professional advice -- I can provide you with insight into the publishing industry, and help shape your query letter so it catches the attention of publishers in your field, and direct you to the publishers I feel you would have the most success with

  • Query letter writing and fine-tuning

  • Story development

See below for everything I offer and the associated cost. Please note I am based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. But I'm happy to offer virtual service as well.



These prices are commensurate with industry standard and reflective of my experience. I am happy to talk about payment schedules. 

85k+ word Full MS Substantive Editorial - $2500 CAD + 5% GST

I will work closely on your manuscript line by line to hone it to the best it can be for publication or submission. Please note that this is a base rate and includes 2 passes. Additional work and time will be an additional fee. We can meet over email exclusively or Zoom.

40k+ word Full MS Substantive Editorial - $1750 CAD + 5% GST

Same as above, for a shorter MS.

Full Project Graphic Novel Editorial - $2100 CAD +5% GST

I will work with you from idea, to script, to thumbs, to pencils, to final layouts and provide insight on narrative, character, and the overall vision and impact of your project from start to printed finish. 

Original Comics Anthology Curation and Editorial - $3000 CAD +5% GST

I will act as the editor of your project's table of contents, managing each story from pitch, through script, thumbs, pencils, inks, finals, and press. See my work on Gothic Tales of Haunted Love and Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures.


*I offer a similar rate for an original fiction anthology. Please contact for more information.

Ongoing Creative Mentorship - 6 months, $5000 CAD + 5% GST

LIMITED AVAILABILITY - 1 spot in 2024, 2 spots in 2025

Let's do this! Work with me one-on-one for half a year on your project to get it finished and in shape for the next steps of your career. We will meet regularly to get your novel or graphic novel idea into a project you're proud of while honing the techniques required to make this a sustainable career. Includes full-scale career advice and insights, storytelling craft teaching, and a holistic approach to being a creative in today's industry. In person or via Zoom.

Manuscript Feedback Report - Starting at $850 + 5% GST

I will read your MS and provide detailed feedback on what could use work for your next pass at revisions. Included in this is a free consult on your query letter.

Finished Not Perfect

3 Session Creative Block Dismantling - $750 + 5% GST

Spend three 2hr sessions with me hashing out your project to find a solution to what's plaguing the story--together! In-person or over Zoom.

Edit Express

2 Hr Editorial Boot Camp - $450 CAD + 5% GST

Stuck on your current WIP? Join me for a two hour intimate consult as we tune up your book or graphic novel. In person or via Zoom.

I've Written a Book, Now What?

2 Hr Publishing Boot Camp - $350 CAD + 5% GST

Want to know your next steps, how publishing works, how to access the right press for you, or the benefits of having an agent? I'll guide you through the ins-and-outs of the publishing world for novels and comics, express-style. This can be in-person or over Zoom.

Contact me with your project needs, I'd love to work with you!

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