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Editorial and Book Design Services for Hire!


In addition to writing books, I also help to make them.


I have worked in the Canadian Publishing Industry since 2010, having trained at Humber College in Toronto.

I have worked at several major publishing companies to hone my skills, and I would love to help you!


Got a manuscript you'd like edited? Proofread? Need a cover designed? Or do you need to have the entire book designed, laid out, and ready to be sent to the printer? Or maybe you just need your book made into an eBook?


book cover and matroyshka dolls
Editorial Services


My editorial expertise include, but are not limited to:


  • Substantive line editing -- helping you shape your book into the best it can be

  • Proof reading, copy editing, and clean up -- making sure basic grammar, sentence structure, and consistency agrees throughout the manuscript

  • Editorial advice -- I can provide you with insight into the publishing industry, and help shape your query letter so it catches the attention of publishers in your field, and direct you to the publishers I feel you would have the most success with

  • Comic script and layout editing


Award-winning Cover, Interior, Marketing & Digital Design


My experience as a graphic designer, knowing what attracts a reader and what doesn't, will definitely work to your benefit! I am available to help you in the following areas


  • Cover design -- either full front cover, or the entire cover wrap, including back cover...or both!

  • Interior design -- page layout and creating the final, polished document to send off to your printer, to make your manuscript a physical reality. This includes print trade and hard cover books, as well as graphic novels!

  • Marketing design -- helping you develop visual marketing materials for your own promotion services, such as post cards, book marks, posters, and advertisements.

  • EBook -- Creation and conversion of your book into an EPUB, MOBI, and PDF for digital sales

All cover designs are created by S.M. Beiko, (c) various publishing clients and companies such as Laksa Media and Ringo Jones Productions.

2017 prix




Commissioned Illustration and Design


Anything you can dream up, be it illustrations, maps, or digital/photo-based artwork, I can help bring it into visual reality. Pricing will be based on time put into the project. Please contact me for pricing.

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