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High school is hard enough without a demon tagging along...

Sixteen year old Olga Bozyk has a bully problem, and when a German exchange student suggests summoning Krampus to do her dirty work, she figured she'd try it. As a joke.

Little did she know that the horned devil himself has been imprisoned outside her town of Prairiecrest for the past thousand years, and now that Olga accidentally put on his magic ring, they're cursed to never be apart. Now K is moving in to Baba's house, and trying to fit in at school--all while avoiding monsters, mages, and certain peril.

Drawn, written, and created by award-winning author S.M. Beiko, KRAMPUS IS MY BOYFRIEND! was the winner of the 2020 Aurora Award for Best Graphic Novel, and was nominated for the 2020 Joe Shuster Award for Best Webcomic. You can read it for free on the Webtoon Mobile app!




a teen fantasy webcomic

written & drawn by

S.M. Beiko

Coming Soon
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