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Trade paperback

Matte finish

Full luxurious colour

212 pages

3 issues of Krampus is My Boyfriend! in one bound volume

6.69" x 10.25"


Signed by the author/artist -- me!


High school is hard enough--without a demon tagging along...


Bullied all her life for her weight, sixteen year old Olga Bozyk has reached her limit after new-in-town Webflix heart-snob Leon Halstedt moves to Prairiecrest and threatens her personal life. So when German exchange student Elsie suggests Olga summon Krampus to deal with her adolescent enemies, Olga thinks it’s a great idea.


Until Krampus himself is crawling through her bedroom window.

And he’s none too happy, having been imprisoned for a thousand years only to find that Olga has one of his magical rings and can’t remove it. The result is a curse that binds them together, forcing Olga to put up with ‘K’ moving in to her house, attending her school, and generally making her life miserable--especially when monsters and mages come after them both.


Can Olga figure out a way to break their curse? Will K be recaptured by the dark organization pursuing him? Or will both teens, demon and human alike, become monster chow before gym class?


Krampus is My Boyfriend! is a fantastical, comedic slice-of-life story, dealing with the hard feelings of being a teenager in the modern Canadian prairies. It won the 2020 Aurora Award for Best Graphic Novel, and was nominated for the 2020 Joe Shuster Award for Best Webcomic.

Krampus is My Boyfriend! Volume 1 Graphic Novel

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