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San Diego Comic Con + GOTHIC TALES!

So! As usual, lots going on around S.M. Beiko HQ (it's not really called that. It's literally just my house. Which I named Skye Woods one calls it that either.)

This week I am madly trying to finish a few projects before I jet off to San Diego Comic Con from July 19 - July 24! I will be on a panel, plus attending events pretty much every day I am there. Packing a ton of dresses! Err, I mean, business attire.

Hope Nicholson and I have also launched the official Kickstarter campaign for our co-edited comic anthology, Gothic Tales of Haunted Love! We have been working with some really incredible folks on this book for a while now, and have poured our hearts and souls into making this campaign the BEST EVER, so if you're interested in 1970s homage gothic romance from some of comics' finest creators, you can pledge below!

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