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The Door in Lake Mallion brings readers into a world of magic, monsters, and the folks who love them, telling a story of dazzling performers, glowing mushroom cities, and the power of shining our light for everyone to see.


Dunstan has had big ambitions his entire life — bigger than the small lakeside town of Knockum — imagining himself heading a chorus line with a leading man he hasn’t quite cast yet. But on his way out of town for good, a gang of his classmates capture him and send him to the bottom of nearby Lake Mallion, rumored to harbor a magical door in its depths.


Before Dunstan drowns, the door opens. On the other side is the Geodom of Jet and the reptilian Prince Ven, who is on the run — from his past, his destiny, and the stories people tell about him. Now Ven has a chance to tell a different story, and he’ll use Dunstan to pen the script.


But the door has been keeping a dangerous secret that not even the lakebed can contain, and both worlds hang in the balance. Will the final curtain reveal that not all lights are meant to shine?


Available October 8, 2024. PRE-ORDER NOW!


The Door in Lake Mallion

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